Google Adds 12 New Minimalist Themes to Their WebStore

Google has been in full out when it comes to Chrome development. With other browsers like the Microsoft Edge catching up, Google has been going on to up its game. Lately, they have introduced new and innovative features set to make a debut in their upcoming update: Chrome 73 Update. These features include the much-awaited media keys functionality. This brings user experience up to an almost perfect zone. Along which this, according to an article featured on Techdows, Google was keen to add twelve new themes to the Google Theme Store.

Google’s new Theme Game

Google has had themes for its browser for quite a while now. Being in direct competition with Mozilla Firefox, who were the first ones to introduce them. Google has been quiet in terms of introducing new official themes to the web store. The Web store is open to many third-party developers and artists who upload their work on it. While this was great considering so many people wish to have the dark mode-style theme, an official option would have been preferred. Google stepped in here when the Chrome Team introduced twelve new themes. These themes provide a minimalist design with sold color pallets. While there are colors like Classic Blue, Black and White are two of the twelve available, in our opinion, Just Black looks the cleanest. Contrary to our opinion though, the former has been downloaded more times than the latter.

New Themes
New Themes by Google

It will take some time for these themes to catch on with people. A lot of people are unaware of their availability. Not like Google advertises these, nor do people check the webstore for daily updates (sarcasm intended). For now -though, for the readers, themes can be found here. Google’s published¬†themes can be found right on the top, the entire selection that is. If these take off, perhaps we would see more themes by Google. For that, only time will tell.

Sarmad Burki
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