Google Acquires a New Triple-A Studio for its Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia

Typhoon Studios Will Now Join Stadia Games and Entertainment.

Content is one of the major drivers of an ecosystem and something Stadia dearly needs now to pull in a loyal crowd. The dream of a seamless cloud gaming experience is exciting but Stadia hasn’t done enough to convince people to drop their physical hardware, which also happens to be its biggest competitor apart from other cloud gaming services. Nonetheless, Google is working with a number of first-party game developers for Stadia exclusives, games that will harness the power of Stadia’s cloud infrastructure.

Typhoon Studios, a company built by veterans from EA, WB Games, and Ubisoft has now been acquired by Stadia. The studio was already working on “Journey to the Savage Planetand that will launch as usual on 28th Jan next year.

Journey To The Savage Planet

This acquisition makes a lot of sense, Yes! they have a talented team coming from big studios but the main catch here seems to be their expertise. Stadia would want to make games that would be hard to replicate on physical hardware, “Journey to the Savage Planet” looks like a more fun version of “No Man’s Sky aka an endless exploration concept, something that can scale very well on the cloud. They are taking a similar approach with their other exclusives, most notably “Orcs Must Die 3”, which is said to feature massive armies of up to 500 enemy monsters. Obviously many people will be skeptical as the Stadia experience has been lackluster so far, so it remains to be seen if Google can sell the whole cloud gaming dream to the masses.

You can read the complete press release below.

Working with some of the best game creators in the world, we’ve learned that a successful studio comes down to great people who have a vision to execute on the best ideas. We’re always looking for people who share our passion and vision for the future of gaming, which is why I’m so excited that Typhoon Studios, the independent developers behind the upcoming Journey to the Savage Planet, is joining Stadia Games and Entertainment.

Under the leadership of its co-founders, Reid Schneider & Alex Hutchinson, Typhoon Studios has built an incredible team of industry veterans who are committed to the player experience. The Typhoon team will be joining our first Stadia Games and Entertainment studio that is based in Montreal and led by Sébastien Puel.

Typhoon Studios will continue to work on the launch of Journey to the Savage Planet for multiple platforms on January 28, 2020. Meanwhile, our priority will be on integrating the team from Typhoon Studios into Stadia Games and Entertainment. We’re thrilled to welcome this incredibly talented team to the Google family!

Indranil Chowdhury
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Google Acquires a New Triple-A Studio for its Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia

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