Global Foundries and Qualcomm Announces a Long-Term Partnership Expansion

GlobalFoundries, a leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have announced they are expanding their current strategic global long-term semiconductor manufacturing contract by more than doubling it in response to the recent passage of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act last week.

The statement was made during a CEO Summit co-hosted by GF, Ford Motor Company, and Applied Materials in Washington, D.C. Since many years ago, GF has produced Qualcomm Technologies’ feature-rich, high-performance processors all over the world. One of GF’s first clients, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd (QGT), a division of Qualcomm Technologies, secured its supply in 2021 with a long-term contract spanning several regions and technologies.

Global Foundries is well reputed when it comes to semi-conductor manufacturing. | Image: Tech Spot

The news made today explicitly expands QGT’s partnership with GF in FinFET for 5G transceivers, Wi-Fi, Automotive, and Internet connections in the United States. High-end Mobile, Automotive, and applications benefit from the best-in-class performance, power, and area offered by GF’s FinFET platforms.

The demand for semiconductors is increasing at an entirely unexpected rate, and GF is addressing this growth by entering into several long-term strategic agreements with both current and new customers. GF is also partnering with national and local governments to expand global capacity to meet customer demand. An essential step in keeping with this collaborative strategy is today’s announcement with Qualcomm Technologies.


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