GitHub Mobile App Beta Version For iOS And Android Available For Download With Universal Dark Mode And Dynamic Screen Adaptability Features

Microsoft is launching the mobile app for its popular online repository of opensource tools. The GitHub Mobile app, currently in beta version, is available for iOS, and will soon arrive for the Android mobile operating system as well. The app will come with some interesting features including dynamic screen size realignment, universal Dark Mode compatibility, and others.

It is not clear why Microsoft delayed the launch of the GitHub Mobile app, but the app’s features clearly indicate the company has been working hard to ensure software developers have the convenience and flexibility to keep working while on the move and stay in touch with their team. With the latest version of the Microsoft-backed GitHub mobile app arriving soon, Microsoft appears to have accelerated its deployment strategy.

How To Download Microsoft GitHub Mobile App Beta Version Right Now?

GitHub’s official Twitter handle sent out a Tweet that confirmed the existence and impending launch of the beta version of the GitHub app for iOS and Android smartphones. Incidentally, the mobile application is already available in beta for iOS. However, Microsoft appears to be putting finishing touches to the Android version. The platform hasn’t offered any confirmed timeline for the Android version of the GitHub Mobile app. According to official sources, the Android beta is ‘coming soon’.

Developers interested in downloading and installing the beta version of the GitHub Mobile app can follow the link in the abovementioned Tweet. GitHub contributors, developers, researchers, instructors, etc. can sign up or join the iOS and Android beta waitlists to try out the app. As mentioned, only the iOS version of the app is currently available for installation. However, given Microsoft’s accelerated development strategy, GitHub users who rely on an Android smartphone, may not have to wait long.

Microsoft GitHub Mobile App Beta Version For iOS and Android Features:

GitHub has become highly popular for hosting sub-platforms and large repositories of apps, codes and opensource software. Developers, contributors, programmers, and others rely heavily on the platform on a daily basis. Since the core area of applicability is software and code, Microsoft appears to have optimized the GitHub Mobile app accordingly.

According to the GitHub Mobile app’s description, it should be useful for quick spot checks of code. However, what’s equally important is seamless or effortless collaboration. Hence it is quite likely that Microsoft could have deployed instantaneous mobile communications about projects, perhaps, including some sort of notification implementation. These features would offer quick updates through notifications about changes or code mergers.

Besides the emphasis on collaboration, the GitHub Mobile app has support for dynamic screen size realignment and universal Dark Mode compatibility. GitHub’s recently appointed senior vice president of product, Shanku Niyogi, described the idea behind screen-size optimization for the GitHub app for tablet users:

“When you start to look at the tablet experience, that then extends out because you now got more space. You can look at the code, you can navigate some of that, we support some of the key same keyboard shortcuts that does to be able to look at a larger amount of content and a larger amount of code. So, the idea is the experience scales with the mobile devices you have, and but it’s also designed for the things you’re likely to do when you’re not using your computer.”

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