Github Hires ex-Google Exec to Lead its Product Team

Shanku Niyogi has also worked at Microsoft for almost two decades

Ever since the acquisition of Github in October 2018, Microsoft has been looking for ways to make it better. The latest move from the tech giant sees them hiring an ex-Google Cloud leader Shanku Niyogi. The former Google veteran announced his arrival at Github in a blog post saying that he is honored to join the team. Shanku will serve as head of the product development team at Github.

Shanku said that he will work on his mission of connecting people and codes across barriers. He believes that people should work together as a team in order to solve different problems. Github provides that opportunity to work together through its platform.

Shanku will work to improve the experience of the users who are working on Github right now. The main aim is to build and thrive the community of developers on the platform. Industry wide partnerships are also being made so that developers can build and deploy their software without any problem.

Who Is Shanku Niyogi’s?

Shanku Niyogi joined Google in December 2017 where he was responsible for the team of GCP’s developers. While his recent stint was at Google, it was Microsoft that gave Shanku Niyogi all the fame he has. The ex-Google employee worked at Microsoft for about two decades where he served at different positions. His most recent position at Microsoft was Director and General Manager for Visual Studio.

It was under Niyogi’s tenure that Microsoft launched its Visual Studio code. The VS code was, later on, made open source and was put up on Github. Microsoft has been looking to get closer to the developers of late with the help of Github. And with Shanku Niyogi now heading the product team, one can expect some incoming changes to improve the user experience on Github.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.