Gigabyte Teases It’s Enthusiast Aorus RTX 2080 Card – To Come With 7 Display Connectors And Three 100mm RGB Enabled Fans

With the launch of the RTX series, namely the RTX 2080ti and RTX 2080, board makers have announced many iterations. These different versions are separated by binning and PCB component quality, thus higher end cards from the same series can overclock a bit more, they also run cooler.

Although we are yet to see any high-end enthusiast cards like the lightning series from MSI and Asus’s Matrix series. These cards are built with very premium components, better capacitors and use the best binned chips.

Gigabyte might be the first company to bring out an enthusiast RTX card. They teased their Aorus graphics card lineup on YouTube recently. Aorus is a fork of Gigabyte, which represents the company’s more premium products.

The RTX Aorus card will have a triple fan design, with programmable RGB lights on the body. It will also feature a 12+2 phase VRM design for power delivery. Even the Aorus GTX 1080Ti extreme sported a 12+2 phase VRM.

Aorus also has 3 100MM fans for cooling, the fans are arranged in a stack, with the middle fan placed slightly lower. Gigabyte also states that the fans spin alternately, which results in higher heat dissipation.

Aorus GTX 2080
Source – VideoCardz

The design of the card is changed from last year, but most of the internal PCB seems unchanged. There’s the metal backplate and similar heatpipes from last year. But the upper fan housing has a more aggressive design. Like the standard RTX 2080, this too has 2944 cuda cores, 184 TMUs and 64 ROPs, with a slightly higher memory clock of 1750MHz.

The previous GTX 1080ti Aorus Extreme did perform considerably better than the reference GTX 1080ti, with a 3-7 FPS difference on every title. It was also cooler than the reference 1080ti, coming in at 71°C at load against the reference’s 84°C. This shows how good the Aorus Extreme cards are, and this trend will probably continue with the RTX series.

Availability or pricing isn’t known yet, as it wasn’t an official announcement. But it won’t be cheap, expect it to be priced around 100$ more than the other standard RTX 2080 cards.

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Gigabyte Teases It’s Enthusiast Aorus RTX 2080 Card – To Come With 7 Display Connectors And Three 100mm RGB Enabled Fans

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