Gigabyte Introduces New ‘EAGLE’ Series Graphics Cards Containing GPUs From AMD And NVIDIA

Gigabyte’s brand-new EAGLE Series Graphics Cards have arrived, indicate a (now disappeared) social media post. The new series of graphics cards for AMD and NVIDIA’s current and upcoming GPUs and will be branded as ‘EAGLE’. Gigabyte’s most premium Graphics Card lineup is currently AORUS, and the new EAGLE series doesn’t appear to directly compete against the same. However, the Gigabyte EAGLE Series does appear to create a new segment that could attract enthusiasts as well as novice buyers.

Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware. Its most popular line of sub-brands includes Gigabyte, WINDFORCE, and AORUS. The company appears to have introduced an additional line called the EAGLE. Interestingly, the Gigabyte EAGLE Series will consist of several products that NVIDIA and AMD manufacture, including 1650, 1660 and 2060, 2070 and 2080 Series of desktop-grade GPUs.

Gigabyte EAGLE Series To Include Graphics Cards Both From NVIDIA’s GeForce And AMD’s Radeon:

The Gigabyte AORUS Twitter account gave a sneak peek of one of the EAGLE graphics card designs. The Tweet included three of the EAGLE GeForce variants with one being a mini-ITX, single-fan graphics card, and two being dual-fan cards. Since the AORUS account has introduced the new EAGLE Series, it is not clear if the same will compete directly against the top-end brand. However, it seems that the EAGLE sub-brand should sit above the rest of the sub-brands like the WINDFORCE.

It is clear that the Gigabyte EAGLE will not succeed or replace the AORUS brand. The company has taken a lot of pains and marketing efforts to build the same over the years. The Gigabyte AORUS brand commands a lot of respect in the market for offering premium products like motherboards, graphics cards, and other products. The sub-brand is slightly expensive but comes with top-end components and a matching warranty.

It appears the Gigabyte EAGLE brand might sit slightly below the AORUS brand. The initial EEC registration did not mention the top-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti model. This strongly implies that AORUS will remain as the flagship brand with the 2080 Ti only being available under the AORUS branding.

Apart from the Tweet, which appears to have been deleted, there isn’t a lot of updated information about the Gigabyte EAGLE series of graphics cards. Other than the three variants pictured, which are NVIDIA models, the remaining NVIDIA cards, as well as the entirety of the AMD Radeon variants, haven’t been revealed. Interestingly, reports indicate Gigabyte will be offering both Base Clock and Over-Clock variants of all the Graphics Cards under the EAGLE sub-branding.

The images included in the Tweet reveal two dual-fan variants and a single-fan variant. The top-end dual-fan variant appears to feature copper heat pipes. While the other two seem to have aluminum heat pipes. All the cards are minimum dual-slot, which simply means they will occupy two rear slots for better ventilation. There’s no indication about the rear video out ports. However, the Gigabyte EAGLE Series includes multiple NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs. Hence, the majority of the graphics cards should include multiple DVI, HDMI, and the occasional D-Sub port.

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Gigabyte Introduces New ‘EAGLE’ Series Graphics Cards Containing GPUs From AMD And NVIDIA

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