Ghost Recon Leaks Suggest Series’ Return to Linear Sandbox Levels, Titled Ghost Recon Frontline

After their disastrous stint with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft will apparently return to the series’ old formula in a bid to bring back the franchise’s most avid fans.

Ghost Recon is celebrating its 20th Anniversary later today, and with this big event Ubisoft has shared their plans for the livestream that will introduce it. However, like many updates and new information that game developers and publishers try to push, this latest one for Ubisoft and Ghost Recon has been the victim of an earlier leak, one that revealed some key information into a possible next game for the series.

ghost recon frontline
Source: ResetEra

According to posts on both ResetEra and Reddit, the next Ghost Recon game will be titled Ghost Recon Frontline, and a screenshot from the leak on its UPlay page listing reveals that it will open registrations for a closed test soon. Some more information was also revealed, including the fact that it will be set in modern-day Vietnam, the game will be a first-person shooter to be developed by Ubisoft Paris, and last but not the least, that it will be returning to the old Ghost Recon formula of linear sandbox levels.

Linear sandbox levels for Ghost Recon – why do they matter?

Since Ghost Recon Wildlands, the series has moved away from regular convention into the open-world formula that Ubisoft loves so much. Done properly, open-world can be a treat, as proven time and time again by the Grand Theft Auto series and many other third-person expansive action games. However, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a direct sequel to Wildlands, failed to capitalize on the game’s first success. It was received very poorly on launch, with tons of bugs and numerous issues plaguing the game, not to mention the extremely invasive microtransactions that not even the game’s avid fans could defend.

This possible return to the series’ roots could be the boost Ubisoft needs for continued success with the Ghost Recon franchise. The developer’s games have been very expansive in terms of scope for quite some time now, with the term ‘open-world’ now closely associated with the French studio. While there’s nothing exactly wrong with going open-world, a step back into the linear sandbox levels could work to their advantage as well, as it shows that they have the capability to scale things back and vastly improve their game at the same time.

In any case, here’s hoping that Ghost Recon Frontline turns out to be a much better game than Ghost Recon Breakpoint. At the very least, it can’t be worse – right?

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