Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1 brings Online Co-op mode, New game+ and Other Minor in-game Upgrades

Ghost of Tsushima tries to emulate a true Samurai experience during the Mongol invasion. The game pretty much exceeds its expectations thanks to its captivating visuals and intense gameplay based on Japanese principles. The game can unequivocally be called a masterpiece as it thrives on its Japanese origins.

After around four months of the original release Sucker Punch, the developer has announced the first major update of the game. The update will bring many new features to the game including a co-op mode, new game+, and some minor additions to the actual game.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is the online co-op multiplayer that will be available for free to all players. Players can embark on 2-player story missions and 4-player survival missions. It also contains Raid missions as well, these will be updated regularly so that players can enjoy a new mission every week. It requires a persistent internet connection and PS Plus subscription.

The online system has four classes including Samurai, Assassin, Hunter, and, Ronin. These feature a unique style of gameplay and equipment so that players can choose according to their playstyle.

The story missions are designed for two players. These will be the Gyozen’s stories about what’s happening in Tsushima. The survival missions test the payers against hoards of enemies at certain locations in Tsushima. It also features unique charms that players can activate to have a boosted effect. Lastly, the Raid missions require the best of the best from players both in terms of skill and gear.

Campaign updates

The new update brings New Game+ to the story. Players can once again embark on Jin’s epic adventure of family and principles with their gear and charms. Additionally, the new mode also features some of its own charms and updates that are not available in any other mode.

Special Ghost flower merchant will appear in Ariaka when you start the New Game+. Players can exchange their ghost flowers (reward from some side missions) for new armor dyes and upgrades. Lastly, you can also choose different Loadouts based on your playstyle for the campaign via the in-game options.


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