Getty Images Logo Spotted In Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion

The remastered version of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII was released on 13th December 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The story of Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion begins seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. 

The reviewers praised the developers for reviving the 15 years old PlayStation Portable exclusive to an impressive state for modern platforms. Aside from the cheers and praises the remastered version gathered, Kotaku noticed something unusual in one of the paintings shown during the gameplay. 

According to Kotaku, near the end of the game, when you enter a grand mansion, many paintings are hanging on the wall. Among them, a painting that should grab your attention is depicting Ludgate Circus in London in 1881, and right there, in the middle of the alleged painting, you can clearly spot a Getty Images watermark. Kotaku better explains where you can spot the painting with the logo:

During chapter eight of the game, you’ll enter a Shinra mansion. In this very nice-looking and opulent home you’ll find many fancy paintings hanging on the walls. Look closely and you’ll discover these are real paintings. Look a little closer and you’ll clearly see where Square Enix grabbed the art from.”

Source: Kotaku

Yup, that’s a big old Getty Images watermark right in the middle of it. I was able to track down the exact painting that Square Enix grabbed using our own Getty account. It’s a piece by artist John Crowther depicting Ludgate Circus in London in 1881.”

However, folks at Kotaku are still unsure if it was an intentional move or a mistake from Square Enix, but they are sure it is hilarious.

About Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. First released in 2007, the game is a prequel to the 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII and is a part of the metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, which includes other products related to the original game.

The game primarily focuses on Zack Fair, a young member of the paramilitary organization Soldier, who is assigned to look for the missing Soldier Genesis Rhapsodos. As he searches for Genesis, Zack discovers Genesis’ origin, Project G, and how it is related to two other high-ranking Soldiers, Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley. The game’s storyline takes the player from the war between the megacorporation Shinra and the people of Wutai to the events in Nibelheim, ending just before the beginning of Final Fantasy VII.

The game was directed by Hajime Tabata, with Tetsuya Nomura serving as character designer. Before development, the Square Enix staff initially planned to make a PlayStation Portable port of the mobile phone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, but after discussion, they decided to create a new game. The plot is based on a scenario Kazushige Nojima had in mind when working on Final Fantasy VII.

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