Get August Patch Tuesday Updates Now To Fix Windows 10 Device Startup Issues

Microsoft has released August Patch Tuesday Updates today for Windows 10 systems. These updates have been pushed for all the supported versions of Windows 10 OS. Unlike all other updates, these updates didn’t bring any major features for your systems. However, Microsoft has finally fixed a handful of issues in different versions of Windows 10.

What’s New in August Patch Tuesday Updates For Windows 10?

General Security Updates

Microsoft has rolled out a series of general security updates for Windows 10 devices. These updates have been released for different Windows components including Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Datacenter Networking, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Virtualization, the Microsoft JET Database Engine, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Linux, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Cryptography, Windows Kernel, Windows MSXML, Windows Server, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Time Zone Information Updates

The latest batch of Patch Tuesday release brings updates for Moroccan and Brazilian time zones.

Bug Fixes

Here’s a list of all the issues that have been fixed by August Patch Tuesday Updates for Windows 10.

Device Startup Issues

August Patch Tuesday updates have been released to resolve a major issue for Windows 10 systems. Those devices that are connected to a domain that is configured to use MIT Kerberos realm should no longer experience device start-up issues.

IE 11 JS rending

Microsoft confirmed that an issue previously prevented Internet Explorer 11 from rendering some JavaScript. Many other users also reported issues that some applications can not use the WebBrowser control or JavaScript. Windows 10 update KB4512517 specifically addressed all such issues in the recent release.

WSUS Console UI

According to Microsoft, there were some reports that Windows 10 users were unable to expand the Computers directory. Such an attempt resulted in a Windows Server Update Services console UI exception. KB4511553 has finally resolved the same problem.

Window-Eyes screen reader application

Microsoft has addressed an issue with Window-Eyes screen reader application that prevented the app from functioning properly. You can install Windows 10 update KB4512497 to fix this issue.

Input Method Editor (IME)

Windows 10 update KB4512497 addresses an issue that prevented users from using the Input Method Editor (IME). The problem affected those systems that were started with the help of the runas command.

Manual Download Links

In case if you haven’t received the updates yet, you can visit the Microsoft Update Catalogue to download these updates manually:

Do check out Windows Support site, if you are interested to check out the list of new problems introduced by the latest batch. All of these updates should be automatically available on your Windows 10 systems. You can head towards the Windows Update section to download the latest updates now.

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