Geoff Keighley Will Not Attend E3 This Year, Doesn’t “Feel Comfortable” Participating

Geoff Keighley, a big name in the video gaming industry, has announced that he will be skipping E3 2020. The founder of The Game Awards shared the news today via a statement on Twitter.

“For the past 25 years, I have attended every Electronic Entertainment Expo. Covering, hosting, and sharing E3 has been a highlight of my year, not to mention a defining part of my career,” writes Keighley.

I’ve debated what to say about E3 2020. While I want to support the developers who will showcase their work, I also need to be open and honest with you, the fans, about precisely what to expect from me.”

The creator further added that, for the first time in 25 years, he won’t be attending E3. Keighley doesn’t give a specific reason as to why he is dropping out. In a statement to, he elaborates upon the news, saying that he believes “E3 needs to be more digital, global and inclusive in its approach to connecting gamers and celebrating the industry.”

E3 Coliseum is an event during which major game developers such as Epic Games, Infinity Ward, and Ubisoft host panels showcasing their new projects. Since its launch in 2017, Keighley has acted as the main producer, but that won’t be the case this time around.

Keighley notes that his withdrawal from E3 doesn’t mean he is exiting the industry altogether. Other major gaming events such as Gamescom and The Game Awards will continue to see the Canadian producer take part.

“I’m always open to conversations with game publishers and partners about ways to evolve how we come together for industry events,” Keighley continues. “No matter what, it’s really important that we get everyone to participate in these events. That’s something I’ll look forward to doing at places like gamescom and The Game Awards.”

E3 2020 is set to kick off in a few months on June 9th in Los Angeles, California.

Farhan Ali
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