Rumor: Genshin Impact to Get Official Steam Deck Support Soon

Thousands of compatible titles are presently available on Valve’s Steam Deck, and Genshin Impact may soon join them.

Genshin Impact is shown loaded up on a Steam Deck in a frame from a TGS video that has been spotted by a Reddit user, indicating that Valve’s portable device may be supporting it.

The game quickly rose to prominence as one of the top free PC games after its 2020 release. Although the game is also playable on mobile devices and PlayStation consoles, and a Switch version is apparently in development, it cannot be downloaded and played on the Deck. However, that might be changing.

Genshin Impact appeared briefly in a promotional video for Tokyo Game Show 2022, but it is unknown at this time whether the game will support Steam Deck. The discovery was made by user Bar_Har.

At timestamp 35:52 in the video, a number of Decks are set up on several podiums, each one displaying a different game on the screen, such as Death Stranding and Minecraft. At the top of the screen, Bar_Har has marked one that stands out in particular because it depicts Genshin Impact.

Image: Bar_Har

There are thousands of compatible titles on the Steam Deck right now that are either fully certified or at least playable, and this number is constantly growing. Many people would welcome the possibility to play miHoYo’s open-world action RPG on the device if Valve decides to choose to officially support it because the system is capable of running other games through emulation.

As of the time of writing, nothing official has confirmed the situation.Although there are currently workarounds to get the game running on the Deck, players run the risk of having their accounts banned if they do.

Genshin Impact is presently only accessible for PC via direct download or the Epic Games Store, so the game would probably need to be released on Steam before Valve’s handheld would formally support it.


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