AMD EPYC Genoa 9654 is Now Officially the Fastest CPU in the World

It has been more than 2 months since AMD unveiled its next-gen EPYC Genoa offerings. You can read more about there here. Today, the EPYC 9654, or the Genoa flagship, has been tested in PassMark. As expected, it now takes the crown of being the fastest CPU in history.

EPYC 9654 in PassMark

The EPYC 9654 is the first CPU in this list to surpass the 100,000 points limit. Surprise, surprise, it crushes every single last-gen offering. We don’t expect to see Intel’s Sapphire Rapids do very well against them since they’re essentially targeted at Milan. In any case, the result is quite impressive as the EPYC 9654 managed to score 124,119 points, overtaking the Threadripper PRO 5995WX

EPYC 9654 in PassMark | PassMark

The price difference too is not that staggering and that makes us more excited about Threadripper 7000. They are expected to offer up to 96 cores, which will give them a huge edge in multi-threaded workloads. In fact, the EPYC Genoa lineup is not the complete picture. AMD plans to unleash a 128-core variant under the umbrella of Bergamo sometime this year. Do note that they use Zen4C cores, instead of Zen4 cores, so that may make some difference.

Intel will need to offer something that is fast and in a short span of time. Their market share will take a hit due to their late response to team red. As a sign of hope, we are expected to see the Intel HEDT Sapphire Rapids – WS CPUs announced next month. We’ll see how well they can hold up against AMD’s best. 

EPYC 9654

The EPYC 9654 ships with 96 cores / 192 threads giving it a massive advantage over Intel. Alongside that, we see 384MB of L3 cache which is 50% higher than Milan. The EPYC 9654 spans across 12CCDs for 32MB of L3 cache and 8 Zen4 cores per CCD. The base frequencies for this monstrosity stand at 2.05GHz – 2.15GHz going as high as 3.5GHz3.7GHz. All this performance comes in at just 360W of power.


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