AMD’s Genoa 96 Core CPU Tested, Fastest x86 Processor In the Market

AMD’s Genoa lineup for server platforms is just around the corner with leaks pointing towards a release along with the Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

Initially, the plan was to launch Zen4 on the 15th of September. However, due to BIOS-related issues the launch date has been pushed back to the 27-28th of September. An official announcement will be made on the 29th of August.

Recently, we got out hands on some benchmarks featuring the EPYC 9664 from Genoa via yuuki_ans on Twitter. For comparison purposes, the Intel Sapphire Rapids 8480+ was added in to the mix. The 8480+ is a direct competitor to AMD’s Milan CPUs (Last gen), so do not expect the 8480+ to be anywhere near Genoa (New upcoming gen).


Now coming to the actual performance numbers, the 96 core monstrosity from team red scores a whopping 110230 points in the multi-core test. Single-core wise, the performance stands at a respectable 1302 points.

Genoa 9664 96C CPU in Cinebench R23 | yuuki_ans

Intel’s 8480+ on the other hand, while falling behind, does put out decent numbers. The multi-core test stands at 68548 points giving the Zen4-based SKU a lead of over 60%. This is not surprising because the Genoa 9664 is literally the fastest x86-64 ISA chip in the market. 

Intel 8480+ Cinebench R23 | yuuki_ans

If this did surprise you, then you’ll be shocked to know that even a lower end 9334 crushes Intel’s best offerings. The Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ is a massive 35% improvement over the last iteration. However, their AMD countepart ‘Milan‘, offers 64 cores and 128 threads and Genoa makes it worse for Intel by increasing this count to 96 cores / 192 threads. 


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