AMD Genoa 96 Core and 32 Core CPUs Tested, Nearly 2x Times Faster Than Intel’s Offerings

AMD Genoa is just around the corner with leaks pointing towards it releasing along with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

These CPUs were intially planned for release on the 15th of September, 2022. However, a few delays from AMD’s side have pushed back this date to the 27th of September, clashing with Intel’s Raptor Lake announcement. You can read more about it here.

The test bench

Over at Geekbench 5, we have come across two unknown SKUs from what appears to be AMD’s upcoming Genoa lineup. The first CPU features 96 cores wheras the other ships with 32 cores. Do note that this testing was conducted on a dual-socket platform doubling the core/thread count.

The 192 (96×2) core CPU was tested along with 755.29GB of RAM. The other system powered by the 64 (32×2) core CPU had 629.30GB of RAM.

96-Core SKU from Genoa | Geekbench
32-Core SKU from Genoa | Geekbench

The frequencies were rated at 3.61GHz and 3.51GHz for the 64 (32×2) core and 192 (96×2) core CPUs respectively. 

Benchmark results

Now for the real benchmarks, the 96 core Genoa beast scores 1464 points in single-core testing which is bumped to 19834 points in multi-threaded testing. Its 32 core counterpart is nearly on-par with 1444 single-core points. However, the multi-core score for the 32 core CPU is higher than the 96 core CPU. This discrepancy is unexplained. 

We can disregard the multi-threaded score due to the uncertainty. A look at just the single-core score puts to show how much power Zen4 carries. The 32 core CPU beats Intel at their own game (single core performance). Despite impressive Raptor Lake improvements, Intel is lacking behind heavily in the HEDT department.

GENOA Leaked benchmarks

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