GeekBench Score Shows Extreme Gains From Exynos 2100: What Does That Imply?

Samsung S21 lineup is perhaps the best series of devices you can buy today. Not only did the company fix a lot of stuff from the previous generation, but they also managed to shave dollars off the price. The Galaxy S21 series, all of them, come with Snapdragon 888 chipset from Qualcomm. That is limited majorly to the US market though. Around the rest of the world, people would likely see Samsung’s in-house Exynos 2100 chipset. Now, these chipsets are notoriously known for underperforming its Snapdragon counterpart. This is primarily because of the superior architecture of the latter.

Now, a tweet from Ice Universe comments on the performance for Exynos 2100. The tweet is as follows:

Now, while the single-core isn’t that revolutionary, the multi-core score really takes it to the next level. iPhones have been leading the race for quite some time now and the iPhone 12 Pro Max scored a whopping 3942. Compared to that, this outdoes it by a bit. The Exynos chipset went for a 4016 on the multi-core score which is outstanding! Now, this isn’t what all there is to it.

The Exynos chipset is known for its quick burst in performance and then it reduces down in favour of power management. This means that in the longer-run, the chipset would be performing at a lower rate than say the Snapdragon variant. So, if the person were to run consecutive tests on the same device, it would give lower numbers. Thus, when comparing just benchmark numbers, people tend to run a couple and average the results. Chipsets from Apple and even Snapdragon ones tend to give overall consistent performances in this regard.

Sarmad Burki
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