Gear of War 6 Reportedly In Development, Confirmed By Job Listing

Gears of War 5 or Gears 5 developed by Microsoft was a massive hit. Ever since its release in 2019, curiosity aroused in the community regarding the release of the next iteration of this franchise and to their surprise some time ago Microsoft listed a job offering looking for a quote unquote “Motion Capture Technician” for the new ‘Gears of War‘ game.

Recently, a job listing came up again from Microsoft and this time they are hiring a “Lead Mission Designer” for the Gears of War franchinse. This confirms that an upcoming ‘Gears of War‘ game from Microsoft is en route. Given the fact that Gears of War has received a lot of community acclaim, it was inevitable that The Coalition, a studio under the umbrella of Xbox would be working on the next title from this series.

Listing for ‘Lead Mission Designer – Gears of War – The Coalition’ | Microsoft

A total of 6 job listings were posted this month making it clear that The Coalition is looking forward towards Gears of War 6.  No official details have been released yet. Although, it is highly possible that this game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass as previous titles were also available on their subscription based service.






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