Gaps in File Explorer Fixed in Insider Builds

Certain gaps in File Explorer that were previously discovered by the users have finally been fixed in Insider Builds. The change was recently noticed by some ardent users and has been actively welcomed by the tech community. According to users, an empty space or gap was present on the Drive icon’s left side.

It shrunk the information and in cases where the drive’s name was way too long, it made the entire text disappear.

This gap has now been fixed in Insider Builds and the icon is displayed completely on the left again. In addition to this fix, the address bar’s red hue in the dark mode has also been changed.

Users believe that it is indeed a good move on Microsofts part to acknowledge this issue as a bug rather than simply a flaw in UI design. It might have been intentional at first but considering the user feedback on how it did not look good at all, they decided to fix it in the latest update.

On the other hand, some users believe that these complaints regarding minor fixes are problematic because it means more significant stuff gets lesser attention, time and resources. It was simply an asymmetrical problem that was bothersome for some users and could have been ignored. However, since Microsoft is a big corporation, it is imperative for them to fix any bugs present, regardless of whether they are big or small. Even though, this change is not too big but it is a refreshing thing to see that small issues are being fixed.

Considering the expectations from likely to be version 1809 codename Windows Redstone 5 update, users are anticipating some great features when the update actually gets released. It is expected that this update would more like be a ‘fix update’ in which small bugs like gaps in file explorer would be fixed.

Maira Ahmed
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Gaps in File Explorer Fixed in Insider Builds

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