Gamers Nexus Disappointed by Linus’ Response to LTT Ethics Fiasco

Update 2: Linus Tech Tips has just uploaded a new detailed video on their channel responding to the criticism levied against them over the past 3 days. It’s your typical YouTube apology video but it does include stern statements about improving their systems going forward with community feedback implemented at every level. Check out our article breaking down their response.

Update 1: Damning allegations against Linus Media Group have surfaced after Madison, an ex-employee of the company came forward on Twitter, revealing her experience at LMG. She has alleged sexual misconduct, workplace harassment, discrimination, and much more over a series of haunting tweets.

The original story is as follows:

If you aren’t aware of the recent Gamers Nexus vs Linus Tech Tips Fiasco you have been missing out on some major allegations levelled by these famous YouTubers against each other.

Responding to one of LTT Testing Labs’ employees, Stephan Burke from Gamers Nexus posted a 44-minute video yesterday addressing a slew of allegations against LTT’s credibility and reliability. The video was made with valid proof and arguments about LMG’s rush to publish videos.

While this was not what many fans expected, Linus calmly responded to the situation in his Forums rather than in a specific video, but Steve is not pleased and considers the response to be baseless.

Gamers Nexus is Not Happy with Linus’ Response

Just after 3 hours of the video going live to millions of people, Linus responded to the accusations in a forum post that is unfortunately been possibly taken down. Linus denied all of these accusations and mainly answered the billet labs controversy which was in itself another story.

Linus responded to the allegations by clarifying the Billet Labs situation in his post. He told readers in an unapologetic way that the billet labs incident was not his fault, but rather a missing instructions manual that should have been provided by the company and that it would have had 0 impact on the conclusions.

Linus also attempted to hide behind charity, claiming that he did not sell the Billet Block but instead auctioned it off for charity. Whatever the reason, it was done without informing the company, despite the fact that they had requested it back.

Linus Justifying Billet Block Auction | Through Gamers Nexus

Linus also claimed that Billet had sent LMG a quote for the estimated value of the Block, but Billet responded to the situation in a Reddit post and denied ever quoting anything to the company. Linus’ response also contained another lie, as Gamers Nexus pointed out.

Our public statement regarding LTT

You, the PC community, are amazing. We’d like to thank you for your support, it means more than you can imagine.

Steve at Gamers Nexus has publicly shown his integrity, at the huge risk of backlash, and we have nothing but respect for him for how he’s handled himself, both publicly and when speaking directly to us.

Regarding LTT, we are simply going to state the relevant facts:

On 10th August, we were told by LTT via email that the block had been sold at auction. There was no apology.

We replied on 10th August within 30 minutes, telling LTT that this wasn’t okay, and that this was a £XXXX prototype, and we asked if they planned to reimburse us at all.

We received no reply and no offer of payment until 2 hours after the Gamers Nexus video went live on 14th August, at which point Linus himself emailed us directly.

The exact monetary value of the prototype was offered as reimbursement. We have not received, nor have we asked for any other form of compensation.

About the future of Billet Labs: We don’t plan to mourn our missing block, we’re already hard at work making another one to use for PC case development, as well as other media and marketing opportunities. Yes it sucks that the prototype has gone, it’s slowed us but has absolutely not stopped us. We have pre-orders for it, and plan to push ahead with our first production run as soon as we can.

We also have some exciting new products on our website that are available to buy now – we thank everyone who has bought them so far, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them.

We’re happy to answer any questions, but we won’t be commenting on LTT or the specifics of the email exchanges – we’re going to concentrate on making cool stuff, and innovative products (the Monoblock being just one of these).

We hope LTT implements the necessary changes to stop a situation like this happening again.

Peace out ✌

Felix and Dean

Billet Labs

Linus also stated dissatisfaction against Steve not reaching out to him “personally” However Steve clarified in his video that “he does not have to reach a corporation privately before setting an opinion on it

Linus’ Disappointment on Steve’s Public Approach | Through Gamers Nexus

Linus also refused to acknowledge that he must address the rushing issue within LMG. He acknowledged that the videos are somewhat misleading, but the company is growing, and every growing company has problems. While Linus is completely correct, it is critical to understand that acceptance is the first step in correcting your mistakes, which does not appear to be the case here.

There has been no further response from Linus on this video, and the original response may have been removed as well. While it is essential for both channels to keep this matter calm, we will keep you updated on any developments in the case.


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