First Gameplay Teaser of Godfall on PlayStation 5 Leaks

Outdated, but spectacular nonetheless

Announced last December at The Game Awards, Godfall is set to be the first PlayStation 5 game. The looter slasher game is currently being developed by Counterplay Games, and is scheduled to release alongside the next-generation console this holiday. While last year’s reveal trailer provided a glimpse of what the game has to offer, a new leaked trailer gives us our first look at Godfall’s gameplay.

Earlier this morning, a short clip showcasing Godfall was leaked onto the PS4 subreddit. A subsequent leak containing the entire gameplay teaser was posted a few hours later, check it out here.

The person responsible for leaking the video claims that it is an “internal teaser” from “early 2019”. As such, development on the game is likely much further along as compared to the gameplay seen in the video. Regardless, the leaked teaser gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from Godfall. While the looting element is not depicted, there appears to be no lack of slashing.

On the visual front, the game is certainly spectacular. Since the PS5 reveal is still weeks away and we have yet to see any official gameplay on the next generation console, it’s hard to say if Godfall is as graphically advanced as it should be. Granted, the gameplay video is approximately a year old, and two years of development time is enough to improve a lot.

As it’s the first title to launch on the PS5, everyone is going to have absurdly high exceptions for Godfall. If leaks regarding the next-generation console’s specifications are correct, it’s likely that the PS5 will have all the resources needed to provide a visually pleasing experience.

If the rumors are to be believed, Sony will announce more information about the upcoming console next month. It’s highly likely that a development update, or at the very least, an official gameplay teaser of Godfall will be shared alongside news about the console.

Farhan Ali
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