Game of Thrones RTX Looks Absolutely Gorgeous on the Unreal Engine 5

Despite being one of the most successful shows that has ever graced our TV screens, Game of Thrones hasn’t got any exciting video game adaptations except for a few tiles. With the series back with its spin-off, House of the Dragon, greenlighting the franchise once again, this would be a great time for a AAA game interpretation of the title set in the complex world created by George R.R Martin.

Game Of Thrones Gets an RTX Concept Game Trailer

Using the features and capabilities of modern game engines like the Unreal Engine 5, Game of Thrones would indeed look amazing. Just imagine an open-world Game of Thrones powered by the latest graphical fidelity technologies. Well, Teaser Play has come out with a new concept trailer for Game of Thrones that looks pretty amazing.

While the animations are sort of on the stiffer side, we’ll give credit where it’s due. Teaser Play has done a great job at recreating the iconic Iron Throne, Winterfell, and some of the central characters of the series the likes of Cersei, Tyrion, Jon Snow, and Jaime Lannister.

The trailer starts off with a look at the Iron Throne in all of its high fidelity glory. The scene then pans to the Kingdom in Westeros which looks jaw-dropping and gorgeous. Winter has arrived and it’s snowing pretty heavily. Just towards the outskirts of the Kingdom, we’re introduced to an axe-wielding character just near a cart, who is assumed to be one of the playable characters in the make-belief game. The screen then pans over to a highly detailed character model of Jon Snow.

These character models look straight out of a AAA title next to a very life-like depiction of Jon Snow’s lover Y gritte. The scene features a close-up of both characters as the Bokeh fades in and out to focus on each character’s facial features. This is a big step up from what we’ve seen from previous concept trailer releases from Teaser Play. Before, we saw some choppy and barely plausible character models from the youtube channel with cosmetic items glitching into the characters as seen in the GTA San Andreas Unreal Engine Trailer.

Game of Thrones
Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones concept trailer | Youtube

What takes the cake is the determined-looking Tyrion Lannister who looks identical to his real-life counterpart with facial animations that do a perfect job at portraying his serious and determined look in the trailer. Then, we’re introduced to some backdrops and scenery that are pretty impressive with the outstanding draw distance. But what breaks all the immersion is the not-so-impressive Dragon that looks like something that was ripped straight out of the decade-old Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Unreal Engine does a great job at prettying up the landscape and the backdrop with its impressive Ray Tracing and Global Illumination integrations. We also get better looks at some interiors of the Kingdom along with a cameo from Cersei both with long and short hair as the Queen.

Overall, the trailer does a great job at portraying the Kingdom of Westeros along with some of the main cast members and characters from Game of Thrones. Teaser Play did a great job of portraying what could be a possible Game of Thrones concept on the Unreal Engine 5 utilizing all the bells and whistles that the engine offers. But in the end, it’s all but a concept trailer for a game that will never likely come out.

While we did get to see landscapes, backdrops, and close-ups of the characters, we never really got to see some gameplay from the concept trailer which is a bummer. Regardless, Teaser Play created a convincing Game of Thrones Concept Trailer which could be considered one of their best works so far.

Imagining a Open World “Game of Thrones” Game in Unreal Engine 5, A Dream that could be Come True

Have you ever considered a Game of Thrones video game? undoubtedly all the gamers who saw that show imagined the game. We tried to make this dream a reality with the help of the most advanced Unreal Engine feature such as ray tracing, screen space reflections, Lumen, Nanite, hope you enjoy!

As mentioned, a few Game of Thrones titles have already come out in the past but none of them have been considered a AAA budget production for that matter. The most famous Game of Thrones title so far has been the Telltale episodic series which was released back in 2014 on the Windows PC, consoles, and mobile platforms.

Game of Thrones The House of Dragon
The Iron Throne with RTX ON in the Game of Thrones Concept Trailer | Youtube

It wouldn’t be surprising if we got a Game of Thrones AAA title in the future. George R.R Martin, the author of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire novels, has also surprisingly worked on the development of Elden Ring in collaboration with From Software. So a Game of Thrones high-budget game could be entirely possible.

Will a Game of Thrones video game ever come out? House of the Dragon has recently come out which has reignited the hype for Game of Thrones and the works of George R.R Martin once again but it doesn’t seem a bit far-fetched for the author to greenlight a Game of Thrones or related game in the future considering his work on From Software’s Elden Ring.

Heck, we might even get a Game of Thrones RPG set in the world of Westeros if ever approved by the author, but till then. We might as well enjoy the offerings of the Game of Thrones Prequel and keep our expectations low.

So, how would a Game of Thrones AAA title turn out? Would it feature an open-world RPG system or something completely different? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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