Galaxy S10’s Line-Up Display Sizes Revealed, Largest Model Matches The Galaxy Note 9

The latest Galaxy smartphones on the S series that we’re waiting for is inching towards its grand release leaving us with not much information to work with. Although, just a couple of hours ago, the infamous tech informer Evan Blass, tipped the world with the screen sizes of the S10 series smartphone devices. But keep in mind that this information is an “A case manufacturer’s expectations”, as stated in Evan’s tweet.

The S10 Lite, AKA Beyond 0 (Model number SM-G970F) is expected be 5.8 inches, making it the smallest in the S10 lineup. The S10, AKA Beyond 1 (Model Number SM-G973F) is expected to be 6.1 inches. And finally, the S10+ AKA Beyond 2 (Model Number SM-G975F) is expected to have a screen size of 6.4 inches, making it the largest screen in the S10 lineup.

Apart from this, what Evan put out was the front camera. The front camera on the S10 Lite and the S10 were holes punched on the top-middle of the screen. On the S10+ is a dual camera set up with two holes at the top-middle of the screen. It is a suave looking hole that seems better than any other front camera design so far. Many other smartphone companies are already speculating on the hole for the front camera which probably wouldn’t be that bad an idea for Samsung to follow on, considering that Huawei has already announced that it will be releasing a phone with punch hole design for front camera.

Bijit Ghosh
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