Fix: Galaxy Note 3 Freezes While Charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, all things considered, is a monster of a Smartphone. However, even though that is the case, the Galaxy Note 3 has its fair share of kinks. For example, various users have reported the device completely freezing up and becoming unresponsive after being plugged into a charger.

Even though this is not an extremely common issue, it can still be pretty aggravating for users who suffer from it.

Well, the following are the most effective known fixes for the problem:

Method 1: Pull out the battery and restart the device

Thankfully, even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a modern, top of the line Smartphone, Samsung has blessed the device with a user-replaceable battery. In the event that a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 becomes completely unresponsive during charging, a quick fix for the problem is to simply force the device to restart.

  1. Peel off the device’s back cover.
  2. Remove the device’s battery.
  3. Wait for approximately 10 seconds.
  4. Put the battery back in.
  5. Power the device up by pressing and holding the Power

Method 2: Try charging the device using a different charger

A Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or any other Android device for that matter, may freeze during charging if there is something wrong with the charger that it is plugged into. If that is the case, simply charging the device using a different charger should do the trick and get rid of the problem.

Method 3: Switch the device’s battery out for a new one and then charge it

In the event that using a different charger doesn’t get the job done, the only other plausible cause for the problem (apart, of course, from an internal hardware issue on the device’s side) is a defective battery. If a defective battery is what is causing a Galaxy Note 3 to freeze and become unresponsive once it has been plugged into a charger, all a user need do is swap out the battery for a new one, charge the device while it is powered off and then turn the device on.

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