Galax Offering Next Generation Nvidia Graphics Cards In Exchange For Older Ones

Trade In your Older GPU For A New One

Next generation Nvidia graphics cards are around the corner and here we have another hint that suggests that they will be announced very soon indeed. The RTX Quadro graphics cards have been announced already and that had us excited then, because that meant that the RTX gaming graphics cards would be announced next.

Now Galax is offering customers next-generation Nvidia graphics cards if they trade in their older ones.  The offer has already started so if you have an older graphics card and are looking to get a new one then this is something that is worth looking into. The offer is valid till 13th of September so you have plenty of time but we do not know if this is a limited stock offer or not. So you should hurry up just in case.

Next generation Nvidia graphics cards
Galax Trade Offer

The marketing material suggests that you can trade in the FX5700 Ultra and get the next generation Nvidia GTX 1170 and the other part mentions that you can get a mysterious graphics card by trading in the FX5200 NPC. Now, this is speculation but the mysterious graphics card might be the next generation Nvidia GTX 1180.

This is still a great way to get a new graphics card. If you are interested in getting the Next generation Nvidia graphics cards then this is something worth looking into. Galax also talked about how the company is working on custom cooling for the upcoming card so you can expect to see plenty of custom variants as well.

The upcoming generation is expected to provide a major boost in performance as compared to the previous generation and according to the numbers, the GTX 1180 will be able to provide performance close to that of the Titan V. Now that is some serious performance keeping in mind that the Titan V is a $3000 graphics card. Getting the same level of performance for around $700 is going to be pretty amazing and I am sure that people will get on board without giving it a second thought if these reports are true.

It will be interesting to see what the Next generation Nvidia graphics cards will have to offer.

Talha Amjad
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