G2A PAY Apparently Charges Users 1€ After 180 Days of Inactivity

G2A, the infamous global key retailer founded in 2010, is no stranger to controversies. It seems that the digital marketplace has once again ended up in hot water. Users are reporting being charged an “inactivity fee” for not logging into their G2A PAY account.

The issue came to light recently after a Redditor posted about it on the subreddit. Reddit user u/ninth_revolution reports receiving an email from G2A informing them that they will be charged 1 Euro if their account surpasses 180 days of inactivity. Moreover, 1 Euro will be charged for each additional month during which you do not log in. G2A says that the fee is deducted from the user’s G2A Wallet.

G2A Email
G2A Email



As you can tell from the comments, the tarnished reputation of the key retailing site is once again being dragged through the mud. VG247 contacted G2A, who attempted to explain the reasoning behind this inactivity fee.

“It costs money to upkeep accounts. This includes server maintenance, IT infrastructure, etc,” G2A says. “Sometimes all this is done for an account that has seen no activity for years and only has a few cents on its G2A Wallet. We want to know which accounts are still in use and keep these accounts active, and we want to catch inactive ones before they have been that way for years.”

After 180 days of inactivity, the account is charged. 3 days before that, an email is sent to remind the account owner to log in. The inactivity fee is only charged if the G2A Wallet has funds left.

“It is a normal practice to have maintenance or inactivity fees for accounts that are deemed no longer in use,” they continue. “Many companies that in some part have to manage finances have a similar type of fee, however, in most cases it’s significantly higher.”

Unlike other websites G2A doesn’t force customers to make a transaction in order to reset the timer.

“It’s just to let the system know the user is active, and the account has not been abandoned.”

It should come as no surprise that the upkeep cost of a site as big as G2A is not cheap. The primary goal of the site is to provide a hub for key sellers to meet buyers. Although the inactivity fee of G2A PAY is important, it’s a major deterrent to users who utilize the service.


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