G Suite’s New Shortcut Input Allows Users to Pre-Save Work on Their Desired Accounts

Google has been trying to outdo Microsoft’s Office utilities for quite some time. While Office primarily focuses on enterprise solutions (though it does give Education packs), Google targets the students and the casual user more. That is no surprise, given the nature and the style of both the companies.

Google has had it’s Google Docs as a part of its G Suite since March of 2006. Since then, the platform has really grown in the past thirteen years. Today, Google allowss innovative methods to interact with it and has improved integration tenfolds. It was only last year that Google introduced a new, short hand of some sorts, to start a new, blank document or slide. This was the “.new” domain shortcut which actually managed to save a lot of time. In a report on 9to5Google, Google has gone a step ahead to further make the process buttery.

Basically what the .new domain did was quickly redirect users to a new blank project on the G Suite. Users could use sheets.new, slides.new. sites.new, forms.new, and website.new, to open up the corresponding apps directly. While this may not seem like a big upgrade or a significant shortcut, it saves a lot of time than to struggle through the rather sluggish website of G Suite (No, my internet is not slow). What this would do then, would be starting the new document under the name of the primary user of the service: Primary account on Chrome, for example.

How it works

Therefore, whatever good came from this shortcut was cut short (how ironic) when users had to manually change or open up the app to fix the issue. Google has now come up with the solution to this problem, according to the report. The report states that Google now lets users assign numbers to their profiles and then the document creation can be edited uniquely to give the person who wants to create the document, access. The solution would basically add “/1” or any other number after the .name domain. What this would do then would be to assign the number to certain profiles. So, for example, the primary account would come under number 1 while the other one would be under number 2 and so on.

Google did announce it and explain the new update in the tweet below from GSuite

The update is live as of now and it is just one of the many updates to come as Google continues to push its G Suite to users. With the little normalization of Chrome Books, even in some enterprise settings, G Suite is starting to gain more and more traction. This is perhaps because of the amazing cloud network Google has to offer. Microsoft would definitely have to watch its tail if it wants to keep Google off its back and remain in the lead.

Sarmad Burki
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G Suite’s New Shortcut Input Allows Users to Pre-Save Work on Their Desired Accounts

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