Future Oppo and OnePlus Phones Including the OnePlus 7T could support Wireless Charging As Oppo joins Member’s List of the Wireless Power Consortium

Oppo has recently appeared in the member’s list of the Wireless Power Consortium, a group of companies that promote and develop the Qi Wireless Charging standard. Being a member of this group requires the smartphone manufacturer to create a device that supports the Qi Wireless Charging standard.

Until now Oppo has not released any device that supports wireless charging. Oppo joining this group of companies is good news for consumers as this means they could be working on a new product.
Oppo and OnePlus belong to the same parent company and we have seen in the past that Oppo includes new technology in their phones and OnePlus catches up soon after. So it can be speculated that OnePlus might be adding wireless charging to their phones finally.

In recent years, we have seen smartphone brands switching from aluminum/metal backs on the smartphone to glass back designs because having a glass back is necessary to support wireless charging. OnePlus transitioned from the aluminum back design on the OnePlus 5T to the glass back design on the OnePlus 6.

This hinted towards adding wireless charging but they didn’t. The OnePlus 7 is already in the works and adding wireless charging support can’t be done last minute. So it seems like OnePlus 7T will be the first OnePlus smartphone to feature Qi Wireless Charging standard.

Indranil Chowdhury
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