‘Frostpunk’ Celebrates One Year Anniversary, 1.4 Million Copies Sold Since Launch

Arctic steampunk city-builder Frostpunk has sold 1.4 million copies since its release one year ago. The snow-themed survival sim from 11 bit studios is commemorating its one year anniversary with a 40% sale on Steam until April 30th.


Developer 11 bit studios revealed the impressive numbers alongside a detailed breakdown of the PC statistics.

“Thanks to it, we have a huge base of over 4.5 million players,” publishing director Paweł Feldman told GamesIndustry.biz. “They bought the game and they almost instantly were willing to try 11 Bit Studios’ next product… Now we can reach them directly with all our new products and it really gave Frostpunk something of a head start. This passionate community is very precious for us.”

Frostpunk launched on Steam last year on April 24th. Since then, the game has sold a whopping 1.4 million units on PC. 11 bit studios rose to fame with the release of This War of Mine in 2014. Set within a besieged city, This War of Mine sees a group of civilians attempt to survive the horrific circumstances brought by the ongoing war. The game was well-received among the community, and currently maintains a very positive review rating on Steam.

“If you look closely, you’ll see there is a ton of inspiration from This War of Mine in Frostpunk,” Feldman continues.“We didn’t want to just feed on our own success and recycle the same ideas, though. We wanted to tell a different story and highlight different kinds of problems, and to that end, I feel we were largely successful.”

According to the statistics shared by 11 bit studios, it took the developer 66 hours to cover the cost of three years of development. Furthermore, Frostpunk was sold in 191 countries across the world, and nearly 43% of players finished the main campaign.

As for the future of Frostpunk, 11 bit studios is working on two additional DLCs, and is planning to release the game on consoles this summer.

“Free updates don’t have to be insignificant, and that’s why Frostpunk received Endless Mode and story-driven expansions like The Fall of Winterhome,” Feldman adds.

Frostpunk is available on PC via Steam.

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