Frequently Visited Tabs on Browsers are Lost

One of the main features of almost any modern web browser is the ability to choose what happens when you open a new tab or a new window of it. There are a few options, such as having your most visited web sites, having a single, pre-defined website, or even having an add-on or a plug-in that controls this.

If you’ve opted for the first option, which is having a window open that contains quick links to your most visited websites, you may have encountered having those links be empty, and there will be no websites there. What you should know, is that this is not actually an error. To understand, you first need to understand how that home page actually works.

That page is actually a place where you can quickly access your most visited websites. Those most visited websites come from your browser history. The browser constantly scans the websites you’ve visited, and the ones you go to most often are given to you for quick access on your home page, if this was your choice. You may notice that those websites often change, as you start to visit another site more often, or their order might change as well.

If, however, your homepage is empty, and you don’t see any of the websites, chances are that you have cleared your browser history. This can be done from the Settings menu of any browser, and deletes any websites you may have visited in the past. However, when this is done, your homepage doesn’t know which websites you visit most often, and it doesn’t display any of them. So, if you want to have your most often visited websites right there, don’t clear your browser history. It is that simple, and you will always have a fast way of getting to the websites.

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Frequently Visited Tabs on Browsers are Lost

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