Step By Step Guide To Setup A Free Email Account

In this guide, i will explain what type of e-mail accounts are available and how to setup an e-mail account with their types.

There are two types of e-mail accounts

1. The free ones on a public domain

These are the most common ones, freely available for use by every one. Examples of free ones are

– Gmail

– Yahoo Mail
– previously

And many others. Though, Gmail / Outlook is the best one in terms of reliability, security and ease of use.

2. The paid ones on a public or private domain

The paid ones are the ones where you pay to get additional benefits, such as the paid AOL plan where you get additional storage and support. It is not really different to what the free ones are already offering except for minor additional benefits. I highly recommend Gmail, it offers 15 GB space, which is a lot for saving e-mails. An email is usually 5 to 10 KB, 15 GB can accommodate 15000000  e-mails roughly, that means (that is huge number of e-mails) considering you’d delete some mails, keep some mails. It is very unlikely to hit 15GB.

You will need support if you keep your account up to date, such as an updated phone number, alternate e-mails address because the most common issue with e-mail is when the password is forgotten, lost or hacked. If your details are up to date, you’ll be able to recovery our password easily.

The private domain, is where you have a custom part after the @ symbol of your e-mail address. Such as, this site (which is a domain name) and the e-mail i have here is kevinarrows @

Having a private domain is by choice, it will cost some money usually between $3 to $10 a month per user, or $11 if you have a hosting account that allows hosting of unlimited emails.

If you wish to have a private domain with e-mail, shoot me an email on or comment below so i can assist you with your best options.

Setting Up A Gmail Account

1. To setup a Gmail E-mail Account go to OR Click Me

2. Fill in all the details to the end of the page and click Next.

3. That’s it – Account Created.

4. Now to check your e-mails, simply open and type in your e-mail address which is the username you created and your password.

Setting Up A Hotmail/Outlook Account

1. To setup a Outlook/Hotmail account go to OR Click Me

Setting Up A Yahoo E-Mail Account

1. To setup a Yahoo account go to and click Create Account OR Click Me

If you have any questions – feel free to ask below.


Kevin Arrows

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