Foxconn Reportedly Preparing for Mass Production of iPhone 15 Lineup, Trial Manufacturing Has Already Initiated

Foxconn is prepared for the trial production phase of the iPhone 15 series, which is expected to debut later this year. This procedure is carried out before the scheduled start of mass production, which suggests that Apple’s main assembly partner wants to be prepared to fulfill the bulk of orders and be well-equipped to deal with unanticipated circumstances.

NPI, or New Production Introduction, is another name for the trial production phase. Apple sends a plan to its supply chain partner, in this instance Foxconn, to release four iPhone 15 variants later this year. The cost to construct one iPhone 15 unit is then sent to Apple by Foxconn in a bill of materials (BoM), and the company also puts up the appropriate machinery to start that trial production run.

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Following the conclusion of the first testing, Foxconn gathers the crucial data, enhances and refines its manufacturing process, fixes any issues it uncovers, and then moves on to mass production, which is anticipated to occur in the second half of 2023. Foxconn is expected to get the majority of iPhone 15 orders since it was awarded this year’s NPI, with the remainder going to companies like Pegatron and Luxshare, according to Economic Daily News.

Apple Also Plans to Initiate the Manufacturing of iPhones in India to Reduce Dependability on China

Apple will move a portion of the manufacturing of the iPhone 15 to India as a result of continued supply chain issues that occurred at Foxconn’s Chinese assembly plant in late 2022. Foxconn is reportedly in charge of putting together Apple’s future lineup even here, demonstrating the company’s continued reliance on it. However, it was claimed that Apple has pulled its assembly partner’s exclusive status to mass-build the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra owing to the prior errors.

Apple wants a consistent supply to be accessible to its consumers to maintain bigger profit margins. This is because these two premium models are said to have even more unique features this year compared to the less costly ones. Apple will need a diverse supply chain for this strategy to be successful, so Foxconn won’t be the only company engaged in mass manufacturing.


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