Forza Motorsport Set to Launch in October 2023 After Six Long Years

As part of a leak, we confirmed how Forza Motorsport will be released on October 10th, and now Microsoft’s announcement at the Xbox showcase seems to have confirmed that news. More information is yet to be revealed at the Forza Monthly stream on 13th of June.

As of now, Microsoft has released a gameplay trailer for the game, which you can watch down below:

The trailer doesn’t showcase much, but gives us an idea of what to expect from the game in general.

One of the things that’s most hyped is its extensive car collection, boasting an impressive roster of 500+ cars to choose from. From iconic classics to supercars, you have it all, as can also be seen in the trailer and images released by Microsoft.

Furthermore, Forza Motorsport will have a variety of world-famous tracks, making it a a diverse and thrilling experience to race on. At the moment, we don’t have any details on the specifics, but we’ll make sure to get back on them as soon as possible.

As like any other company today, Microsoft has also emphasized the utilization of AI in Forza Motorsport. The game will use this for the physics in-game, making the game seem more authentic, and real.

This is a developing story, check back later for more


Muhammad Qasim

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