Fortnite’s upcoming backpacks datamined: Medic pack, Intel pack and Eye of the Storm Tracker

Earlier this week, Epic Games released content update v4.2 which brought Backpacks to the game. The first backpack item to be added was the jetpack. Shortly after the launch of the update, players located another type of backpack — the Eye of the Storm Tracker.

Eye of the Storm Tracker

Once Epic realized their mistake, they quickly removed the Eye of the Storm Tracker. Epic Games said on Reddit: “This was not intended to make it into the v4.2 Content Update and we can’t promise this will ever officially be released. However, we do hope those who got their hands on it had fun while it lasted!”

Photo: u/dertiferris

More Backpacks

Just today, Twitter user @TwoEpicBuddies did some digging in the game files and shared their findings in a tweet.

It seems that Epic has been working on a few more backpacks for Fortnite.

  • Boost Jump Pack
  • Carmine Pack
  • Eye of the Storm Tracker
  • Glider
  • Glider Pack
  • Intel Pack
  • Medic Pack
  • Missile Battery
  • Test Pack

Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks gave us a closer look at the Medic and Intel Pack.

Medic Pack

The description of the Medic Pack reads, “Carry your allies to victory with advanced life saving equipment.”

Based on the name and the tagline, it is obvious that the Medic Pack will be used for healing purposes. Details about the working of the backpack are still unclear, however.

Intel Pack

“Find the Eye of the Storm, then* reveal nearby loot and enemies!”, reads the item description of the Intel Pack.

It seems that the Intel Pack functions similarly to the Eye of the Storm tracker we saw before. However, this pack claims to also locate loot and enemies in close proximity to the player.

Take all of this information with a grain of salt, as these are far from official announcements by the developers. It is definitely possible for Epic to change some if not all of the above mentioned items before their launch.

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