Fortnite’s New Support-A-Creator Event Allows Creators to Earn Money Through Fan Support

Epic Games, creators of the popular battle royale Fortnite, have announced a new limited time event. The Support-A-Creator event, which starts next week, allows fans to support their favorite creators by purchasing V-Bucks in-game. The Support-A-Creator event runs from October 8th through December 31st.


For the duration of the limited time event, eligible Fortnite content creators can apply to earn real money for V-Bucks used by their supporters. For every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by a creator’s supporters, they will receive $5 USD (or the local currency equivalent).

Players can freely support a creator of their choice, and have the option of selecting someone else at any time. After a two week period, players can support the same creator again, or choose a different one. In the official announcement post, Epic says that this event is a gesture of thanks to Fortnite content creators during the Holiday Season.

Creators from all types of regions and origins can apply, but applicants must fulfill a specific criteria. A range of content creators, ranging from streamers and cosplayers to musicians and community builders, who meet the following criteria may apply:

  • Has regularly created and released Fortnite content over the last 30 days
  • Has 1,000+ followers on at least one major social platform
  • Completes the Affiliate Agreement and abides by our Creator Code of Conduct
  • Capable of receiving payment in a form that Epic supports

Applicants must abide by the Fortnite EULA, and must not indulge in toxic behavior, illegal tasks, spam or any other unlawful activities.

As this is the developers’ first time hosting such an event, they are expecting some problems and difficulties. Due to the “overwhelming demand”, processing delays for both applications and payment transactions may be encountered. Epic also states that “the amount you earn scales with the number of players who choose to support you in-game,” and that we should “expect modest results.” The developers also request all creators to “be authentic” and avoid clickbait content.

Farhan Ali
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