Fortnite’s New ‘Quadcrasher’ Vehicle Can Smash Through Structures

As new structure damaging items continue to be added to Fortnite, it was only a matter of time before a vehicle of the same nature was introduced to the battle royale. Today’s update marks the addition of the Quadcrasher, a quad bike capable of smashing through structures, player-built or otherwise. Here it is in action:

The Quadcrasher is a two seater quad bike with a metal plough mounted at the front. The vehicle has the ability to use a boost, which can be recharged by driving. While the boost can be activated to fly off ramps “to catch sick air”, its main purpose is to destroy buildings and structures. That’s not all, however, as the Quadcrasher can also launch players into the air by driving into them.

Similar to the previous shopping cart vehicle, the player in the passenger seat of the Quadcrasher can fire their weapon as well as perform emotes. Judging from the gameplay video shown above, this new vehicle will be extremely effective at taking out players hiding in huge bases. Additionally, patch v6.10 has disabled the Port-a-Fortress, unfortunate for those who were looking forward to drive the Quadcrasher through the massive structures.

With the addition of the Quadcrasher, it is evident that Epic is heading towards a balanced building system in Fortnite battle royale. Previously, the Heavy Sniper Rifle weapon was added which has the ability to shoot through walls and floors. If the developers continue to follow this trend, we might be seeing more of these structure-damaging items and vehicles added to Fortnite.

Farhan Ali
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Fortnite’s New ‘Quadcrasher’ Vehicle Can Smash Through Structures

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