Fortnite’s New Port-a-Fortress is a Bigger and Better Port-a-Fort

Earlier today, patch 5.41 for Fortnite went live and added a bunch of new features. Aside from the new Port-a-Fortress item, the patch also adds a new limited time mode, and a new consumable item for the beloved Playground limited time mode.


A better version of the Port-a-Fort consumable item that was added in patch 3.5, the Port-a-Fortress kicks it up a notch by adding new features. Similar to it’s smaller and more common counterpart, the Port-a-Fortress is a one time use item that can be thrown to instantly create a huge defensive structure.

Port-a-Fortress vs. Port-a-Fort

As you can see from the image, the Port-a-Fortress is much bugger than the Port-a-Fort, justifying its legendary rarity. The resulting structure is more resilient to damage and comes equipped with Bouncers, allowing for increased mobility. The Port-a-Fortress can be found in chests, vending machines, supply drops and llamas.

Spiky Stadium Playground LTM

The newest item to be added to the ever-changing Playground limited time mode is the Spiky Stadium. This limited time item can be found in red supply drops, and can be used to spawn a 7×11 sized stadium. Intended for use in mini-games, the Spiky Stadium is filled with spike traps and Bouncers.

Fortnite Spiky Stadium
Spiky Stadium

A new limited time mode called Soaring Solos was deployed alongside the update. This mode follows all the rules of classic solos except it allows for the re-deployment of gliders when falling from large heights. The patch also introduced a handful of gameplay changes, such as the reduction of the edit button hold timing on controller. Moreover, the storm will no longer damage structures during the last few circles of the match.

On the technical side of things, a few audio and text related bugs have been fixed. New icons have been implemented which better represent different platforms during cross-platform play. Read the full list of patch notes to learn more about patch 5.41.

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