Fortnite v5.40 Introduces Storm Structure Damage, Vaults Revolver

Epic Games shared their developer blog in video form today in which they discussed upcoming changes and additions to Fortnite battle royale. The video highlighted gameplay and balance changes that will be introduced to the game in patch v5.40. Some of the changes include the addition of storm structure damage, the removal of the revolver, and the changing of item stack sizes.

Storm Structure Damage

The most major change made to the Fortnite storm yet, the storm will now do damage to structures late game. More specifically, the final phases of the storm will deal damage to player built structures. Eric Williamson of Epic Games states they want to “provide a little more dynamic gameplay.” 

Revolver Vaulting

As part of update 5.40, the revolver will no longer be available in Fortnite battle royale. The developers say that they want to keep the item pool “fresh and dynamic,” and that the weapon may return in the future. In the past, several weapons such as the crossbow and guided missile have been vaulted, and Epic says that more items will be vaulted in season six.

Stack Size Adjustments

In patch 5.40, stack sizes and drop rates of items will be increased. The Boogie Bomb will drop in stacks of two, up to a maximum stack of four. The big shield potions can now be stacked up to a maximum of three. This change will greatly impact late game decision making, as previously small shield potions were prioritized over big shield potions.

After being on the receiving end of numerous nerfs, the remote explosive has another change coming its way. In order to “match its effectiveness”, the remote explosive rarity will be increased from rare to epic. Epic also teased a “mobility item” that is part of the upcoming update.

A release date for update 5.40 has not yet been announced, but we can expect more information regarding the topic very soon.


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