Fortnite Season 5 is here, new vehicles and rifts added

Epic Games has been teasing the release of Season 5 and giving hints about its theme to add to the buildup of the new content. After a long wait, season 5 is finally live and has added a new vehicle, rifts, as well as new map locations.

All Terrain Kart  (ATK)

After the addition of the first ever vehicle Shopping Trolley, Epic has decided to take things to the next level with the All Terrain Kart. This vehicle resembles a golf cart and seats four people. Performing a drift grants a speed boost which can be used to hop over obstacles. The rear passengers can lean back (by holding S or the thumbstick down) and make the vehicle leap over objects. Timing the jump perfectly will increase the jump height. Also, the roof of the ATK acts as a bouncepad.

Map Changes

The south eastern part of the map has been changed completely. It is now a desert biome where Paradise Palms is located. Additionally, there are a few “unnamed POIs” that can be found across the map.


Rifts are essentially portals that will teleport you into the sky when you walk into them. They can be found scattered across the map and will activate once a player walks or drives into them. If the player is inside a vehicle when it hits the ground, they will be eliminated as vehicles do not provide immunity to fall damage.

Weapon Changes

Probably the most controversial weapon in Fortnite, the shotguns have yet again been changed. Now, after firing a shotgun, another shotgun cannot be fired for a set period of time. Due to this change, “double pumping” is no longer possible. Explosive weapons such as Grenade and Rocket Launchers have had their vehicle knockback lowered. The Heavy Shotgun, arguably the weakest shotgun in the game, now fires 10 pellets instead of 5. Along with the randomness in shotgun spread patterns removed, this change should hopefully make shotguns more consistent. The Suppressed SMG now has the same damage fall off values as every other SMG.

Another notable gameplay change is that the storm circle may shift in random directions instead of just shrinking. Aside from the battle pass, those were all the major changes that came with season 5. Check out the full list of patch notes on Epic’s website here.


Farhan Ali
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