Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Leaked

As we approach the fifth week of season four, new weekly challenges will be unlocked shortly. These weekly challenges will be accessible by owners of the Battle Pass, and will reward Battle Stars upon completion. As it seems to be the ongoing trend for a while now, the upcoming Week 5 challenges have been leaked.

With some clever data mining, the folks at Fortnite Tracker have managed to find out what next week’s challenges are in advance.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

The very first challenge requires players to inflict 500 damage to other players using SMGs. Both the Suppressed SMG and Tactical SMG qualify for this challenge, but it will be much easier to complete using the latter. This challenge will reward players 5 Battle Stars (equal to half a tier) upon completion.

Search Chests in Dusty Divot

The next one is fairly straightforward: unlock 7 chests in Dusty Divot. This one might take a couple of games to complete because of the large density of players that drop at the meteor crash site. Completing this challenge will grant you 5 Battle Stars.

Use a Jetpack

This challenge requires you to get your hands on the new limited time Jetpack. Once acquired, simply use the Jetpack to claim your 5 Battle Stars.

Search Gravity Stones

Find and search 7 Gravity Stones to claim 5 Battle Stars. Don’t confuse Gravity Stones with Hop Rocks that can be found near meteor crash sites. Epic Games has not yet revealed what these Gravity Stones are, but we will surely find out soon enough.

Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove

Similar to every other treasure hunt, week 5’s treasure can be located using a map found in the world. Once the challenges go live, we will be able to use the map in Greasy Grove to locate a hidden Battle Token. Interacting with the hidden token will grant you 10 Battle Stars.

Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations

For this week’s PvP side of things, we’re going full auto. Players will be rewarded with 10 Battle Stars if they can manage 2 eliminations with either the minigun or the light machine gun.

Eliminate Opponents in Lucky Landing

For this next one, 10 Battle Stars will be rewarded once you get 3 eliminations inside Lucky Landing. Even though it is out of the way, Lucky Landing will be filled with players after the challenges go live.

Once you have completed all the Week 4 challenges, the fourth Blockbuster challenge will be unlocked. Completing this challenge will award players with 10 Battle Stars.

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