Fortnite Season 4 Leaks: Meteor will not destroy Tilted Towers, map reworks

Over the past few weeks, Fortnite players have been trying to figure out the target of the mysterious meteor. Players assumed the meteor would strike Tilted Towers, but rumors that emerged on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit point towards the intended target being Dusty Depot.

Reddit user u/internetadam, who claims to know more information about season 4, made a post on the subreddit that contains details about the upcoming season. According to the leak, Dusty Depot will be one to get hit by the meteor, not Tilted Towers. This comes as a surprise to everyone, but if you think about, the area around Dusty Depot is lackluster in most aspects. “Epic has thought this area of the map has needed an update for a long time.” This entire area, located between Tomato Town, Anarchy Acres and Dusty Depot, is comprised of open fields and contains very limited loot. As a result, players fighting in this area feel exposed and vulnerable at all times.

The post claims that throughout Season 4, Epic will be changing and updating the map on a weekly basis. According to the leak, Epic wanted to introduce Tilted Towers in a similar way. “They would rather have had bulldozers & a few raising cranes one week, then one building go up the next week, two buildings the following week, etc.” Reportedly, Moisty Mire will be removed by the end of season 4.

The rumor also states that the theme of season 4 is superheroes, and at least two of each villain and superhero skins will be added. These will not be licensed superheroes like Marvel or DC, but characters created by Epic Games. This part of the rumor checks out with the image posted on the Fortnite social media accounts.

Take this information with a grain of salt, as it is just an unconfirmed leak posted on reddit, and not official news. Either way, the truth will be revealed as season 4 begins in only a few days.




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Fortnite Season 4 Leaks: Meteor will not destroy Tilted Towers, map reworks

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