Fortnite Patch 5.30 Adds Rift-To-Go and Score Royale Limited Time Mode

Server downtime for Fortnite’s patch v5.30 just ended and the new content is now live. Earlier this week, the Rift-To-Go item was teased and it’s finally here. Alongside the new item, playground mode makes a return and a new limited time mode called Score Royale has been added.


With gameplay mechanics very similar to the rifts found in the Fortnite world, the Rift-To-Go offers players a quick escape opportunity. This portable item has an epic rarity and can be found in chests, vending machines, supply drops and llamas in stacks of one for a maximum of two. The Rift-To-Go is carried in the inventory and once deployed, sends the player sky high into skydive mode, just like a regular rift. After use, the rift remains at the location it was deployed at for 10 seconds, allowing any player to take advantage of it.

Score Royale LTM

The latest limited time mode to be added to Fortnite is Score Royale. “Earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers and eliminating other players.” In Score Royale, the storm is slower at the start of the game but speeds up as the match progresses. The first player to earn enough points to cross the High Score threshold takes home the Victory Royale. Every action, be it eating an apple, opening a chest, or eliminating an enemy, will grant you points.

Winning Score (Solo)2000
Winning Score (Duos)3000
Winning Score (Squads)4500
Use an Apple or Mushroom10
Open an Ammo Box25
Open a Llama50
Open a Supply Drop100
Eliminate an Enemy100
Open a Treasure Chest50
Find a Bronze Coin30
Find a Silver Coin50
Find a Gold Coin100


The beloved Playground LTM is back with more ATKs, more stunt ramps, and the addition of a couple of rifts scattered across the map.

With all the significant additions covered, there were a large number of bug fixes, performance optimizations and a handful of balance changes. For the detailed list of all changes and additions, check the official patch notes for update v5.30.


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