Fortnite Patch 4.3 brings rideable shopping carts, in-game challenge progression and Blitz V2

Downtime for Fortnite v4.3 has begun as Epic Games uploaded the patch notes. Teased earlier this week, Shopping Carts have now been added to Fortnite Battle Royale. The update also adds edible mushrooms, challenge progression and brings v2 of fan favorite limited time mode Blitz.

Battle Royale

Shopping Carts

Taking a look at this week’s star of the show, Shopping Carts are two seater vehicles found across the battle royale map. Passengers riding inside can also shoot their weapons. Keep in mind that you are not immune to fall damage while riding the shopping cart. We’ll surely see some in-game footage of the shopping cart once the downtime ends.

In-game challenge progression

Players can now track their daily and weekly challenge progression while in-game.


New edible mushrooms can be found scattered around shady wooded or swampy areas. Similar to the apples added not long ago, the mushrooms grant 5 shield (up to 100) when consumed.

Blitz V2

The highly popular Blitz limited time mode is back! This time, the bus flight height has been lowered and new weapons such as the Clinger, Port-a-fort, LMG can also be found. Check out the details of the mode over on Epic’s website.

Teams of 20 V2

Another limited time mode that has made a return is Teams of 20. The second version of this unique game mode features different busses for each team alongside an increased ammo and consumable spawn rate.

Save the World

Blockbuster Questline

For the PvE side of things, patch 4.3 brings adds a new series of quests titled Blockbuster 2: A Hero Is Born. 64 additional skill points as well as new daily quests are now available.

Details of all additions and changes are available in the patch notes.

Performance and Bug Fixes

As with all patches, Epic Games has fixed numerous bugs and improved optimization. As mentioned in their state of development blog, the new and improved loading system should reduce hitching.

Sorting order of the replay browser has been altered and the drone controls are now smoother.


Jetpack and DBNO related animations have been updated. New animations for the Hunting Rifle have been added.


Fortnite for iOS saw plenty of bug fixes and now supports voice chat.

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Fortnite Patch 4.3 brings rideable shopping carts, in-game challenge progression and Blitz V2

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