Lady Gaga Hinted for Fortnite Collab

Fortnite has become an outlet for the music industry to advertise and promote artists or vice versa. The game has remained ridiculously popular for years on end with a plethora of new events, cosmetics, and in-game items to keep the player base engaged. This even included some major concerts and musical showcases in Fortnite and new evidence points that Lady Gaga could be coming soon to the beloved videogames.

Data Miners Find Hints for Lady Gaga

Fortnite data miners are always hard at work to discover new stuff coming soon and it seems they’ve discovered a new emote. The song that plays during the emote is pretty difficult to make sense of but pay attention and you’ll find out it’s a Lady Gaga song. The emote gives credibility to the idea that some sort of Lady Gaga event is coming in the near future.

The information was uncovered by Fortnite leaks and shared on the web. The collaborative emote, which is shown being used by four different players is known as Jug Band. While the name and the instruments don’t lend themselves to any kind of Lady Gaga theme for the matter, the song that’s played is unmistakable. It’s Poker Face by Lady Gaga, one of her early pop hits.

While it’s pretty clear that Lady Gaga fans are getting pretty excited, it still stands as a good idea to take this information with a grain of salt. Currently, Fortnite is celebrating the Rainbow Royale event which is an LGBTQIA+ celebration that offers players free items, emotes, and access to the Rainow Crossroads Island.

As a part of the celebration, Fornite is also bringing a few select tracks by renowned LGBTQIA+ artists on the radio starting from September 8 which also includes Lady Gaga. It’s possible that the emote is an extension of the Rainbow Royale event and it just simply hasn’t been revealed to the public yet.

fortnite lady gaga
Cover for new Fortnite Event | Epic Games

Fortnite has seen a couple of musical artists pop up on the scene over the years, though we still haven’t seen Lady Gaga. This is likely due to the fact that a few years ago, she didn’t know what Fortnite was exactly. The pop artist took to Twitter to ask fans about it and ended up butting heads against the Fortnite icon Ninja on the platform. That was way back in 2019, however, there’s been plenty of time for Lady Gaga to expand upon her knowledge of video games.

While it remains to be known or seen if or when Lady Gaga will ever hold a show in Fornite, it probably won’t be very long before the Jug Band becomes available to the public. It’s likely that it will be added to the game after the radio starts playing Lady Gaga songs, so fans should be on the lookout for more news in early September

Fortnite is available for PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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