Fortnite is getting a Grappling Hook Item alongside Getaway LTM this week

Recently, Fortnite developer Epic Games began been teasing a new content for the popular battle royale game. Last week, in a developer blog video, Epic stated that in the upcoming patch 5.40, a new “mobility item” will be added to the game. With no further details shared, fans were left speculating about the mysterious new item. Now, the new item has been revealed as a grappling hook that is coming to Fortnite battle royale very soon. Additionally, a new limited time mode called Getaway will also be added to the game.

The Grappler

Deploying alongside the new High Stakes limited time mode, the grappling hook allows players to pull themselves over great distances, check it out in-game. Officially named The Grappler, this unique mobility item has an epic rarity and can be used 15 times. According to Fortnite Battle Royale News, this is what The Grappler looks like:

The Grappler

Getaway LTM

Launching alongside the new Grappler item next week, the new Getaway limited time mode is unlike any other. In this game mode, four safes, each containing a jewel, have been dropped on the Fortnite battle royale map. Each team must locate a safe, unlock it, and fight enemies on their towards a getaway van. Four escape vans are available per match, and the first four teams to reach them while carrying a jewel will be crowned winners. Here is the new game mode in action.

The new content, both the Grappler and the limited time mode, are expected to come to Fortnite this week. Although no official release date has been announced yet, the gameplay footage seen above comes straight from the Epic Games Twitch channel. Until we get a look at the official patch notes, some last minute changes might be made. Regardless, update 5.40 adds a lot of features and variety to the game.

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Fortnite is getting a Grappling Hook Item alongside Getaway LTM this week

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