Fortnite Developers Plan to Stop Matching Keyboard and Mouse and Controller Users Together

Over the past few years, keyboard and mouse users on consoles have become increasingly popular. For FPS games, it is clear that using a mouse will make aiming easier for many. While it is frowned upon by players, using keyboard and mouse on console is not prohibited in Fortnite.

After the recent patch 5.20, mouse functionality on PlayStation 4 ran into issues. Once Epic fixed the issue, they tweeted saying that mouse functionality on the console has been restored. One Twitter user responded, “Nobody should be using mouse and key on ps4 bottom line.” Last month during the Fortnite Summer Skirmish controversy, one of the allegations against the winner was that they used a keyboard and mouse during the matches. Although no evidence confirming the allegations was found, Epic stated that they “do not restrict input device for players on our platforms in an effort to promote accessibility for our entire audience.”

After these events, Epic’s stance on this subject became clear. Regardless, the company believes that some people do not prefer fighting against people with different peripherals. In a Reddit post, Epic community manager teased an upcoming matchmaking update that lets players choose which peripherals everyone else in the match uses.

“We’re actually working on some matchmaking tech, on the way, that’ll pair you against folks based on your choice of peripherals. More info on this coming next week, but tl;dr if you’re on KB+M you’ll be against KB+M.”

As Fortnite is a popular cross-platform title, players from other platforms began wondering how this change would impact them. Another Epic Games employee responded saying that more information will be shared next week.

Whether Epic is doing the right thing by letting keyboard and mouse users play instead of banning them outright, we can appreciate their efforts to come to a middle ground. While many players use advanced peripherals to gain the edge over their opponent, there are those with disabilities who are only trying to enjoy the game. Whatever the situation is, Epic’s official statement that is due next week will clear up the air regarding the matchmaking update.

Farhan Ali
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