Fortnite data mines point towards a wall piercing sniper rifle

Over the past few updates, Epic has really changed the way Fortnite is played. While the core concept of the game remains the same, the addition of new weapons and vehicles, combined with changes to building, Fortnite seems to be straying away from the build fight meta. This is further proved by the latest data mined item by Storm Shield One.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

The ‘heavy sniper rifle’ is a type of sniper rifle that fires heavy bullets. It deals 157 player damage and 1100 environmental damage at any range as there is no damage drop off. Here’s the kicker: the shot fired by the heavy sniper rifle can “pierce through the first wall it hits.” If this statement holds true, the heavy sniper rifle is the first of its kind and will have a major impact on many people’s play style.

The heavy sniper rifle is officially described as a “heavy, powerful and accurate rifle with a bolt-action mechanism with an extremely slow reload.” When comparing damage values with a standard legendary bolt-action sniper rifle, the heavy sniper has a significant lead over the former.

Not long ago, the Compact SMG was added and it shredded structures. Shortly after release, fans complained and Epic nerfed the Compact SMG in a quick hotfix patch. As time goes on, Epic’s plan for Fortnite battle royale becomes clear. A while ago Epic stated that they do not want every encounter to end in a build fight, and their recent actions such as weakening structures and resource availability has been all for it. Players of the game have given their feedback and it seems that the community is divided. On one hand, players are all for it and want the building aspect lessened if not removed. On the other hand, mostly experienced players feel taking away from the mechanics that define the game is the wrong move.

Either way, the heavy sniper rifle has not been officially confirmed by Epic and may never be added to the main game. If, however, Epic does decide to add the weapon, it will surely be an important update that will change the way the game is played.

Farhan Ali
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