Fortnite Content Update 5.30 Adds the Shockwave Grenade, Solid Gold LTM Returns

Fortnite v5.30 content update is available now. This update adds the Shockwave Grenade to battle royale and brings back the Solid Gold limited time mode.

Shockwave Grenade

At first glance, the latest addition to Fortnite battle royale looks like an Impulse Grenade. However, the new Shockwave Grenade is quite different to the original in many ways. Check out the official item introduction video for a demonstration of the grenade in-game:

“This new item launches players great distances without inflicting fall damage,” reads the official item description. “The blast is so strong, you can launch players through structures!” 

The Shockwave Grenade has an Epic rarity and can be found in Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Llamas, and chests. The item drops in stacks of two, up to a maximum of six. When thrown, the Shockwave Grenade affects everyone and everything, including teammates and vehicles. The blast of the grenade sends objects flying, destroying any structures in their path, including player built walls.

Solid Gold LTM

Solid Gold, a limited time mode that was added to battle royale at the start of the year,  is now available. In this game mode, every weapon that drops is of Legendary rarity and resources gathered from any source are increased. Grenades and traps drop less often whilst special grenades, campfires, and shields can be found more frequently. Floor drops for Stone is increased to 60 per pickup, and 90 per pickup for Metal drops.

Solid Gold LTM

Over on the Save the World side of things, Weekly Horde Challenge 4 is now available. The new Mythic Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja, featuring a subclass called Bladestorm, has been added to the Event store. As with every content update, the patch only focuses on additions to the game, not bug fixes. For the full list of detailed patch notes, check out Epic Games’ website.

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