Fortnite Adding New ‘Floor Is Lava’ Limited Time Mode Soon

Since launch, Fortnite has been regularly updated with new weapons, gadgets, skins, and even game modes. The game has been known to feature several limited time modes such as Solid Gold, the ambitious Infinity War crossover, and many more. With the launch of season eight, it looks like we have another limited time mode coming to Fortnite.

“Get to the high ground or build above the lava that’s overtaking the island.”

Floor Is Lava

As seen in the in-game news feed, Epic has teased a new lava-themed limited time mode. The cover art, shared by a dataminer, shows the Floor Is Lava game mode bringing our childhood imaginations to Fortnite. We don’t know much about the details of the game mode, but the premise is fairly obvious.

Floor Is Lava

Fortnite season eight added lots of new content, with Lava and Volcanic Vents being the highlights. Found near the recently erupted volcano, the lava deals one damage and upon contact, pushes players away. Furthermore, the new volcanic vents are located across the map and function similar to launch pads.

In its current state, the lava in Fortnite doesn’t seem like it would work well in the new game mode. As speculated by Reddit users, the damage will likely be increased, but its functionality will probably remain the same. Alongside the lava floor, the gradually shrinking storm will also play a part in reducing the play area. It will be interesting to see how matches featuring both lava floors and storms play out. Either way, The Floor is Lava is shaping up to be one of Fortnite’s more ambitious limited time modes.

Epic has not yet provided a release date for the new limited time mode. As it has already been announced via the in-game news feed, we can estimate the Floor is Lava limited time mode to launch in the coming days.

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Fortnite Adding New ‘Floor Is Lava’ Limited Time Mode Soon

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