Forget Snapdragon 8 Gen1, Qualcomm’s next flaghsip SoC Might Be Called Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1

Update: The new Snapdragon flagship has been unveiled and it’s called Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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By now, it’s common knowledge that Snapdragon 898, the company’s next flagship mobile processor won’t be called as such. Instead, the rumors have pointed towards a new name and for the longest time, we all thought it was going to be “Snapdragon 8 Gen1“. Now, everyone had good reason to believe this; reputable leakers, plausible info and even a full-on rebrand from Qualcomm themselves all told us that a new name is in store. However, the actual name is purportedly different than what we all anticipated.

According to Twitter-user @Za_Raczke, the next Snapdragon flagship is most likely called “Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1” based off a “badge” they were able to uncover on Qualcomm’s website. A badge is essentially just a logo for the chip similar to how AMD and Intel have badges/stickers for their products. So, the fact that the badge is ready and on the website means that it is likely the real thing.

Snapdragon’s new naming scheme

Just last week, we covered the major rebrand that separated the brand identities of Snapdragon and Qualcomm, and part of that rebrand brought along a new naming scheme. A naming scheme that all but confirmed the rumored Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 name. And, interestingly enough, a change in the badging system for their chips was seen as well with different colors now representing tiers in a hierarchy, gold being the highest of them all.

This naming structure will comprise of a single-digit followed by a generation number. That means that the first digit from the previous three-digit naming scheme will be retained and in front of it will be a proper generation number that will indicate the newness of the chip. For example, Snapdragon 8xSnapdragon 7xSnapdragon 6x, and Snapdragon 4x. The “x” in each of those will be replaced with the generation number.


This naming structure is similar to how Qualcomm has named its laptop SoCs that’re found in Chromebooks, such as the “Snapdragon 7c Gen 2“. You can expect similar names for Snapdragon mobile chips going forward. In fact, a leak from last week has even suggested that the new Snapdragon flagship SoC will be called “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1” which falls in line perfectly with the updated naming convention and also makes the whole thing a lot easier to keep track of.

The new new name

Now we know all that to be untrue as @Za_Raczke uncovered the official logo for the upcoming Snapdragon flagship from a staging (testing) version of Qualcomm’s website, giving us the actual name in return. A staging site also means that the logo was seen on a site that wasn’t supposed to be public yet. Of course, after this discovery, the site was almost instantly taken down but @Za_Raczke managed to make a mirror which you can check out for yourself.

The badge, as seen in the tweets, has a gold colorway which falls in line with the refreshed badging system in which gold is indeed the highest tier. Qualcomm also said that the gold color badge will only be used for the highest end Snapdragon products so it makes sense that it would be utilized for Snapdragon’s next flagship. And, to be fair, the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 name isn’t far from the previous one; they just added a “Gx” in front of the 8 and called it a day.

As the leaker themselves suggest, this is not exactly an official confirmation neither a final logo. But, considering the fact that the Tech Summit 2021 is literally in 3 days and the new chip is supposed to be announced there, it’s unlikely that Qualcomm would upload a rough draft of a logo. Regardless, take this news with a grain of salt and be on the lookout for the official announcement of the next-gen Snapdragon chip on December 30th, 2021.

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Forget Snapdragon 8 Gen1, Qualcomm’s next flaghsip SoC Might Be Called Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1

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